Strawberry Sweet mix35 (reka) – Strawberry Sweet mix35 (reka)


Reka is a leading manufacturer and distributor of food flavors, fragrances, cloudifying agent, basic aroma chemicals and natural essential oils in Asia. Our products are created from high quality ingredients sourced worldwide with applications in common market sectors such as pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, personal care and home care industries. Many of our products are exported to and used by world leading consumer brands in Europe, United States and Middle East countries. In a world of ever changing consumer taste, we understand the need for our customers to innovate and create the special effect that attracts their target consumers. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipment using latest technology and highly trained leading edge chemists to create unlimited combination of new tastes and smell. In our library of more than 3000 chemicals, essential oils and absolutes, we have created commercially successful formulae to meet different consumer’s demands. Our formulae are customized to suit any local tastes no matter where you are.

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