BestGlycol is a Canadian owned, privately held company with a reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. We have been known for innovation, agility, growth and socially responsible business practices. Our reputation has earned us vendor appreciation and long standing relationships with our suppliers.

BestGlycol is a wholesale distributor of glycol, glycerin and flavors. We are strategically located in Montreal, allowing us to cost effectively service our customers in Quebec and Ontario province.

BestGlycol takes pride in fostering a culture committed to service and quality and outstanding responsiveness to customer needs.

BestGlycol offers an ever growing line of flavor designed to make healthy foods, beverages and e-liquids taste better.

Since its founding, BestGlycol has enjoyed steady growth in a very competitive market. The reasons are simple: We have provided quality products to our customers combined with an impeccable service, reliability, fair pricing and … full hard work.

Best quality, best products, best service….These are keys to continued growth, both ours and yours. This continues to be the focus of our creative efforts. Our goal remains the same – Serve our customers and help them succeed.

We supply your business…

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